What Is The Best Habit You Created This Year?

Hi, I’m Stewart Heath, CEO of Harvard Grace. It’s not too early to be thinking about the good things that have happened in 2021 and things that could’ve went better. I thought I would post about a couple of things that have worked really well for me in 2021, as far as I guess, some habits that I’ve created and two things really stand out of my mind as I reflect back on this year.

First, I would like to talk about is Hunter Thompson. Through his mastermind RaiseMaster’s recommended time blocking. I’ve been a lifelong entrepreneur, sort of a solo operator. Even when I was with other companies, I was working solo and constantly had tasks that I would move forward for weeks and weeks. This concept of time blocking, it’s not new, I’d heard of it before, but this is the year I actually implemented it. I started planning my week and blocking out time on my calendar to take care of things that were probably never going to get taken care of.

The other best practice was found in a book by Dan Sullivan. For those who may not him, it’s for a person like me. It’s a revolutionary concept. When something needs to get done, you find the person who needs to do it, not necessarily learn how to do it. Of course, you should understand the basic principles. How else can you manage it and make sure it’s being done right?

Again, as the solo operator, whenever something new needed to be added to my business, I was the one doing it. Now I’ve taken off the it, social media, and other marketing hats. I have learned to delegate these things to other people. It has tremendously allowed me to focus on things that are actually generating revenue and wealth for Harvard grace.

These are just a couple of things to think about. I would love to hear some of the things y’all have accomplished this year. Let’s start a conversation as we head into the Thanksgiving week. I hope y’all have a great one. Thanks.

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