The Need for Consistency When Raising Capital

Welcome to this week’s installment on raising capital! Head over to our Youtube channel and take a look at this article featured on learn more.

Today we’re talking about an article by Dr. Adam Gower, where he talks about the need for consistency with ultra high net worth investors. Dr. Gower is interesting in that he helps clients build networks to attract more investors to real estate deals, and he’s got some good advice here. We like the way he starts by talking about how “Rome was not built in a day,” and really nothing of value is ever built quickly. Even if you want to look at something like Google and Amazon, they were around for years and years before they became the dominant players that they are today.

Value takes time, and when you’re looking for investors, it is almost exclusively going to be based upon a relationship. It takes time to build relationships. His emphasis on consistency goes to several things: you want to be a consistent communicator, you want to have a consistent message and communicate consistent values, specifically about your deal. While the fact that you’re raising capital doesn’t insinuate that the deal is somewhat new you don’t want the parameters or the business model of the of the deal to be changing from time to time, because that would be an indication that you’re really not ready for market. There’s nothing wrong with that, and if you find that these changes are necessary, then you might want to consider pulling something out of the market and addressing it and then coming back into the market when your offering is more stable.

So this is a great read. Consistency, consistency, consistency is the name of the game when you’re communicating with investors, as well as customers and most everybody else that you’re wanting to have a long and deep relationship with. If we can help you in any way regarding this topic, give us a holler.

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