Shout Out to Art Laffer

Hello folks. I’m Stewart Heath, CEO of Harvard Grace. Today I would like to do a shout out about my favorite economist.

My favorite economist has been around for many, many years. His name is Art Laffer, and he is the creator of the Laffer Curve, which became popular when he was an economist advising Ronald Reagan.

The Laffer curve demonstrates the relationship between tax rates and tax revenue. Postulates that the more you raise the rates, the less revenue a government receives. What seems to be common sense for a lot of folks, on a lot of levels, is also called idiocy by other people. But it does seem it’s time for us to talk about that once again with tax rates being discussed openly at all levels of government. 

Nevertheless, this post is about art Laffer who I’ve really admired for years and years because of his ability to take very complex and technical economic data and economic trends and explain them on the level of the common man, you know, people like me. I really appreciate his service and he’s always happy as well. 

It’s fun to watch an interview with him. So, check out some of the links and learn about Art, if you’re not familiar with him. If you think I’m crazy, please post here and tell me how crazy you think I am. Thanks a lot. Until next time.
Resource: Laffer Curve Definition

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