New GM Plant for Spring Hill

Welcome to this week’s installment on commercial real estate. Head over to our Youtube channel and take a look at these pieces from and the Tennessean to dive deeper.

Huge news, right here in the Tennessee valley! General Motors and LG have announced they will construct a new 2.8 million square foot facility on the same campus as the original GM assembly plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee. It’s going to cost about 2.3 billion dollars. This is right near our corporate headquarters, and it’s also right in the heart of the 840/565 corridor that we have our investment fund focusing on at the Harvard Grace Capital Corporation! So this is very exciting news. It’s going to generate huge huge ancillary activity for the region, and we are poised to help investors take advantage of that through Harvard Grace Capital. We’ve linked a couple article above for you to read more about it. They’re going to get started here very soon. This is a done deal! They’ve officially announced it, so we’re very excited, and we’ll be happy to help play our part in the community around. If we can discuss this with you further, let us know! Reach out, book some time with us, or just give us a call.

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