Intro to Harvard Grace Capital

We’d like to announce to you our latest project! The latest addition to the Harvard Grace family. Harvard Grace Capital. We help all kinds of clients with financial matters and strategy and leadership matters, but we identified more than a year ago that we there was a huge opportunity for investing in real estate in a particular area of the country, which is where we’re based. So we were actually ready to start raising in March of last year, then there was this thing called COVID-19, and we decided to pause that and actually began launching our capital raise about a month ago. So we wanted to bring this to you here in the commercial real estate segment of the blog series, and we will talk about Harvard Grace Capital in our blog series for the next several weeks.

What is Harvard Grace Capital, and why did we start it? Harvard Grace Capital is a C corporation that is issuing preferred shares that will have a 6.5% preferred dividend on it. Those preferred shares will also participate in 30% of the operating income of any of the commercial real estate projects that we invest in. There is a minimum investment size of $5,000. We created HGCC to pursue commercial real estate opportunities in what we’ve come to call the 840/564 Corridor. We’re based in Spring Hill, TN. Our CEO Stewart Heath lives down in the Lincoln County, TN area which is just north of Alabama and the city of Huntsville. So this is an area that we know. The 840/565 Corridor refers to I-840, which is south of Nashville, so anything south of 840 down through I-565, which cuts through the middle of Huntsville, AL and runs across northern Alabama is essentially what we consider a target rich environment. This is a compressed area that is being impacted by the southern push of Nashville, TN’s growth as well as the overall northern Alabama push created by all the growth in Huntsville which comes from government, military, and industry.

In the coming weeks, we’ll discuss our very unique target area for investing, our unique team, and the unique time we have on our hands. This is exactly when you need to be investing in real estate, because changes bring opportunities. So take a look at our site, and reach out to ask any questions you have!

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