Hilary Smith

I met Stewart in the fall of 2013 when he joined Creative Trust as an interim Chief Financial Officer. He quickly transitioned to full-time CFO within a matter of months. As Executive Assistant to the CEO and later Chief of Staff, I worked closely with Stewart as another executive who worked closely with the CEO.

Stewart is an excellent leader and someone who consistently goes above and beyond in his duties as CFO. Not only did he oversee all finance functions and help establish a capital structure for the business as it transitioned from a physical to a digital distribution model, but he also assisted with IT functions within the office and oversaw much of the Human Resources management.

In addition to being highly skilled managerially, technically, organizationally, and financially, Stewart is also just a joy to be around. Often, the finance team in an organization is tucked away, but Stewart was a cheerful, enthusiastic presence in our office and someone everyone was comfortable turning to for support, both personally and professionally. His personality and attitude is a rarity and would make a lasting impact on any organization he is employed under.

Given the opportunity to work with Stewart again in the future, I’d be honored and delighted. I genuinely recommend him and believe he would be an extraordinary asset to any organization.

Robert Ritch

Robert Ritch is an expert in marketing and finance who known for turning distressed businesses around.

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