Mergers and Acquisitions

Why you should retain Harvard Grace to sell your business:

Harvard Grace believes that Mergers and Acquisitions is a primary growth tool for all businesses regardless of size. Companies should target not only competitors; they should also include vendors and suppliers.

The first consideration should not be the price of the acquisition but the value it will add to the acquiring company. Once the value has been established the Harvard Grace team can present many options to pay for the acquisitions.

Mergers can provide a great growth or exit plan and should be considered at all times.

About Harvard Grace’s Mergers and Acquisitions Division

Harvard Grace’s team has over 50 years of experience buying, selling, and evaluating businesses which means you will receive the most offers to choose from. The sale of your business and all your information will be completely confidential.

The Mergers and Acquisitions division of Harvard Grace is lead by Robert Ritch; who has lead and participated in hundreds of deals in both the public and private sectors.

Stewart Heath, the CEO of Harvard Grace has completed many deals in his career as the principal or CFO.

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