Harvard Grace Capital Targets The Tennessee Valley

Today we’re talking about our HGCC fund that’s focused on the Tennessee Valley. We’ve talked previously about what we think is a very unique opportunity, and last week we posted about our unique model, where we’ll be creating an ever-increasing and recurring cash flow. We’re going to be doing that by focusing on the Tennessee Valley, or what we like to call the “840/565 Corridor,” south of Nashville through Huntsville. Take a look at our video to see the map!

This is what we believe is a very target rich area, because it’s getting influence and pressure from the unbelievable growth in Nashville over the past ten years, and also the outstanding growth of Huntsville, a much smaller city but getting bigger every day. This starts mainly because of the Redstone Arsenal in the Huntsville area, which used to just be a sleepy research area. NASA has had facilities based there forever. But in 2008, the BRC (Base Realignment Commission), realigned two commands from other parts of the country to Huntsville, which brought in a couple of generals and their whole staff, basically increasing the military’s presence in Huntsville by about 50,000 people. That brings private sector influence, and it’s just continued.

In 2012, there were more realignments to the arsenal. Since then, the FBI has located 4,000 people to the arsenal. The CIA has had people set up there. The NSA has brought people to the campus, not to mention the Strategic Defense Initiative, which is the space based missile defense system. But Huntsville is now currently on the short list to be the home base of the new space command created by President Trump last year. Some think it would be the front runner, and most believe it would also be located at the Redstone Arsenal as well.

This whole city and region has been influenced, including the city of Fayetteville and Pulaski, even over into Sewanee and Decherd, where there are already many other major industrial areas. Huntsville has also been the recipient of a Toyota/Mazda joint venture. Toyota already had operations here, but the joint venture is opening later this year. They’re hiring now. It’s going to be 4,000 people. And just this week, Amazon announced they are putting a new distribution center in Madison County, AL. That’s gonna hire another 500 people, in addition to the work they already have there. Jeff Bezos’ rocket engine plant is here. Facebook has a major data center here. Many other manufacturing facilities live here too.

Again, this is our area, our specific focus. We have targets in Spring Hill that we’re working on right now. We have targets at the state line that straddle the TN/AL state line with arbitrage opportunities there. There are also medical office building targets that we’re working on in Huntsville right now.

We would love to talk to you about this! We will continue to raise capital until we don’t need it anymore. We’re getting a lot of great reactions and interest, so please reach out, give us a call, and go to our site at HarvardGraceCapital.com to learn more.

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