Good News! New Stimulus Bill

Today we’re talking about some promising progress toward a new stimulus bill. Check out our YouTube channel and this article from the Financial Times for more on the topic!

Our good news segment this week is that it looks as though Congress is moving forward with the second pandemic stimulus bill, which will provide a great number of things in relief for the pandemic!

It may include additional individual checks of twelve hundred dollars per taxpayer. It may include, and there seems to be some debate on, liability protection for businesses in case somebody wants to sue a business, claiming they got COVID-19 in their establishment.

We think this is really key and will go a long way to opening back up the economy, depending on where you are. It seems as though there’s great support on both sides, and President Trump has indicated that he will sign the relief bill. We hope that’s our good news for the week! It might be an early Christmas present from Congress to the American people. Happy Monday!

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