Double Double by Cameron Herold

To round out the week, we wanted to bring you a reading recommendation. This book has been out a few years now, but we mentioned earlier in the week that our CEO Stewart Heath had joined a “Mastermind” group called Raise Masters, sponsored by Hunter Thompson. In our very first monthly meeting, he was able to have as the guest speaker Cameron Herold who has written several books. The one we want to talk about today is Double, Double. We like things that mix up how we think about business! So we want to recommend that you take a look.

Our CEO was so impressed by Cameron that he will probably want to do a post on every one. Cameron was straightforward, no nonsense. Yes is yes. No is no. Do this. Do that. You may not agree with all he says, but we appreciate his approach. The most impressive thing about Cameron is he’s done this.

Double, Double is a step by step guide for the entrepreneur on the roller coaster ride of being an entrepreneur and having a growing company. His focus is really on fast growth. That’s what he’s achieved in his career, and that’s what he’s talking about. Different people may not want to grow that fast, and that’s okay, but we think the principles are valid. You should think about them all the same.

The book is divided up into three sections that talk about planning for growth, building a company that can grow, and then leading for fast growth. Those are three very distinct things that CEO’s and leaders must do. You have to plan for it. We talk about planning all the time here at Harvard Grace. And then you have to set the table or arrange the assets so that your team can actually execute the growth that you have planned for. Then you have to lead the people. It’s not easy. Fast growing companies, or even just growing comapnies, are sometimes stressful places to work. He also touches on hiring tips, how to hire high quality people, and many other things.

It’s a really good read. We recommend it to everyone, so much so that we’ve given you the Amazon link to it right here! It’s also on Audible if you’re a listener more than a reader. If you’d like to chat about this book, we’d love to, so reach out!

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