About Harvard Grace Corporation

Harvard Grace provides administrative and financial services to businesses and real estate projects.

The Harvard Grace Team

Stewart Heath CEO

Harvard Grace is led by Stewart Heath, CPA. Stewart is the CEO of Harvard Grace Corporation (HGC). HGC provides fractional C-level executive services to multiple clients as well as general business advisory services. Heath is also formerly the Chief Financial Officer of Creative Trust Ventures. 

Prior he was Interim Chief Financial Officer with Elk Valley Distribution, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer with Tennessee Valley Properties and Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Equity Real Estate. 

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Laura Baggett
Director of Accounting Services

Laura Baggett has worked with Stewart Heath many times over the last ten years. She has a passion for helping business owners to manage and grow their financial well-being and peace of mind. 

With over 40 years of business and accounting knowledge from small businesses to large corporations, such as NASDAQ and Sallie Mae, she has a proven track record of delivering expert advice, professionalism, and responsiveness to all clients.

Previously she has worked in turnaround situations making big impacts in the 1st 12 months. Having been a business owner herself she understands the need for accurate and timely financial data in making decisions.

Ms. Baggett holds a degree in Accounting and Paralegal Studies. 

Cara Beth Heath
Social Media Manager

Cara Beth is a freelance writer and editor based in Chicago, Illinois. She’s been writing content, editing copy, and offering other creative services to entrepreneurs and small businesses for over ten years. For more about her current service offerings, please see her websiteFacebook business page, or LinkedIn.

Robert Ritch, CMO

Robert Ritch is an expert in finance, marketing and turning around distressed businesses. 

Rob started his career as Security Specialist with the US Navy; he left this position in 1994 after receiving a career-ending injury. Rob then began security consulting and performing business and due diligence evaluations. He took this experience and knowledge and began purchasing and investing in business ventures. Rob has invested in and managed a wide range of industries including residential and commercial real estate. Rob has served on the Board of Directors of both public and private companies and is currently the Chairman of Secured Equity Group which is a family office where he manages the portfolio.

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Harvard Grace Reviews

  • Stacey Winsett
    Stewart is an exceptional business leader, supervisor, CEO and family man. Everything he does, he fully commits to, gaining the trust and respect for those who work with him and
  • Clint Bundy
    Stewart is one of the strongest CFOs that I have had the chanceto work with on a client engagement. Stewart does anoutstanding job of thinking on both a strategic level
  • Denise George
    I had the honor of working with Stewart at Creative Trust Media for the last few years. His expertise and strategic planning helped our organization succeed and thrive. Stewart is
  • Dan Raines
    Stewart is an exceptional financial strategist and operating CFO. Beyond his high proficiency in financial modeling and knowledge about capital development structures, he has been a very positive addition to
  • Erick Goss
    I cannot endorse Stewart highly enough. He served as our CFO at Creative Trust and JellyTelly during a very pivotal time for our company. From managing finance and accounting to