16 Tips on How to Grow a Small Business in 2021 From Keap

In this week’s planning segment, we want to bring your attention to an article from Keap about how to grow your business in 2021. This is part of our series on how to regrow your business after the pandemic. As we’ve said before, regrowing your business is going to be very similar to how you might have grown it in the first place. You just might be better at at it, since you’ve done it before, and it could go faster for you.

The first tip here is invest in systems. We can’t tell you how important this is. Systems will give you freedom. Systems give you something to train your people to be able to do things without having to ask you questions or to make decisions a thousand times a day. Systems are the key to growing any business beyond you owning your own job.

Another one is, depending upon your business this may not be as important, improving upon your home page. Take some time, take a day, go through the user experience of your customers. Put yourself in their shoes and see what it’s like to interact with you in the digital world. You may find it surprising how poor of an experience it is for them. Your webpage is your billboard to the world.

Focus on analytics. We talk about this a lot in our planning work that we do. You need to find your KPIs for each function in your business. Focus on these, study the changes, and find out what’s wrong with your business. Preferably by using forward looking KPIs, you’re identifying and solving problems before they become a bigger problem.

If you’re blogging, you want to make it shine. You always want to keep it fresh. You may notice a new look we have here in that we’re sharing screens in our videos! Compare yourself to other people in the industry. You don’t have to innovate. You just want to go out and find who you think is doing it best, then model your way after them.

Make a plan to grow your business. This is what we say all the time. You need a plan. You need a strategy, and then you need to make a plan to execute on that strategy. Then follow that up with a financial forecast in numbers. That gives you something to track.

The last part for today is to focus on scalability. When you’re wanting to own a business that will grow. You want to do it in the most efficient way possible so that it can scale. That’s by using technology. That’s by using, perhaps, unskilled labor. That’s by using resources available to you that you are reasonably certain will always be available to you. You want to find a way to scale that doesn’t cost you $500K every time you want to grow to the next level. You want to be able to get there in increments, if that’s possible. Scalability will depend greatly on the business you’re in and the area you’re in.

Take a look at this article, linked above! If we can talk with you about applying these principles to your business, we would love to engage in a conversation. Give us a holler!

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