Supporting Tax Advisors
Provide Cost Segregation studies to your clients
We can work for Your Client, for You or With You

Cost Segregation engagements can be directly between your client and us, between you, the CPA, and us, or co-branded. The engagement letter will spell out the responsibilities and the scope of work.

We can work together?

It is normal for each partner or manager to have at least one client that can benefit from a Cost Segregation study. With high average fees per study, this is a significant revenue opportunity for your firm. Once you have identified potential clients that meet cost segregation criteria, Harvard Grace will prepare an estimate of potential tax savings at no charge or obligation.

What We do

  • Perform all necessary site tours and collect available client information.
  • Develop an apportionment base for all real and personal property.
  • Perform all necessary tax depreciation calculations.
  • Prepare Form 3115, if needed.
  • Prepare written report with details of our findings and necessary case law support for all positions taken.
  • Provide unlimited audit defense time to support the findings of the study.


When trying to serve your clients, sometimes there are services you know they could benefit from but you don’t have the resources to offer. There are services that require a level of expertise that your practice doesn’t justify the time and cost for you to develop. Partnering with Harvard Grace can give you a competitive advantage.

Partnering with Harvard Grace can bring real benefits to your clients. We are not a CPA firm! We work with CPAs who do not have Cost Segregation expertise. When we collaborate with you, we understand the relationship between you and your client is paramount. Our goal is to serve you and your client by identifying opportunities and leveraging our expertise to reduce your clients tax liabilities.